It is our aim to provide the children with an enriched learning setting that gives them the love of lifelong learning.

We provide extra curriculum activities free of charge to offer your child opportunities to learn in different ways both in and out of the centre environment.


Bush Kindy Explorers 


Our Bush Kindy Explorers program is offered to our Kindergarten children and involves activities outside of the centre, with full risk assessments as required. This educational program has proven to have many benefits to the children’s learning such as

  • Increased confidence,
  • Motivation and concentration,
  • Increased social,
  • Physical and language skills,
  • Deeper conceptual understandings and respect for the natural environment, increased social and imaginative play
  • More varied risk-taking behaviours and positive dispositions towards risk and challenge.

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Art is a creative means of expression through which children can represent their impressions of events, objects or their emotions. Children delight in the sensory experience of manipulating colour, making discoveries about new colours, textures, patterns and designs.




Early childhood years are critical in the development of musical skills. Children’s participation in music such as singing, playing musical instruments, movement and dance, assists their artistic growth and self-expression.


Yoga and Meditation

When children learn techniques for self-health, relaxation, and inner fulfilment, they can navigate life’s challenges with a little more ease. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that’s non- competitive.


Australian Indigenous program

As a centre we a very passionate about having an inclusive practice within our environment. We believe it is important to recognise our Indigenous Australian heritage and break down stereotypes as well as develop an appreciation and understanding of the Australian aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage.

Our program offers children to learn the local Yugumbah language through song, dance and stories. We participate in events both local and country wide including NAIDOC week and Reconciliation week.

Important Health Notice

To keep our children and Educators safe during the COVID-19 pandemic our centre is undertaking additional hygiene precautions to ensure a healthy and safe environment. If you have a booking enquiry please phone us for information as we would love to help support you and your family.  Please do not visit the centre if you are feeling unwell.