I still remember 5 years ago when I first walked into the office at Benowa Children’s Centre.

I was looking to see  if my 6 month old baby would be able to get good childcare so I was able to get back to work!

I felt so bad leaving Peaches at the Kindy from such a young age but I had full trust and there were no regrets because she has received so much love and care from the staff since day 1 until today.

I honestly can’t thank everyone enough for their endless love, discipline, care, education and everything!!!

She wouldn’t be where she is now without you all!

Thanks again for the memories and such a great time.

Peaches had the best 5 years she could ever ask for.

We will miss everyone.

Mikiko Hughes

I love our centre. We are very lucky to be here. I know every time I bring Amelia, she is loved, cared about and safe. Educational and extra-curricular program is great. Big thank you for help with eye patching!!!

Alesya Rapisarda