Beautiful nature play in the heart of the Gold Coast

Over the last few weeks the kindy playground at Benowa Children’s Centres has been undergoing a transformation that will see it set new benchmarks in nature play.  This large outdoor space has always been a popular place for the children to play, but this renovation will take them on an amazing brand new adventure.


There are several new zones within the yard that allow children to imagine and create in new and exciting ways.  And with much of the new equipment being portable, the areas will be changed around regularly to keep their adventures new and exciting.


Various walkway structures have been introduced for developing balance and gross motor skills while playing.  There’s a beautiful bamboo arch to walk through and play games under, and as it grows it will provide filtered light and shade.  And the generous decking and eco-friendly soft fall area under the big tree is the perfect spot for gathering to share ideas, communicate, discover or seek some solitude.  This relatively new soft-fall product is not only softer and safer for play, it’s also cleaner and healthier than real bark.  Because it has no dust it’s much cleaner for children with asthma, it’s non-toxic unlike some treated wood products and it won’t dirty or stain children’s clothes.


There’s also been a sandpit upgrade introducing river rocks where the children will have a ball playing cars in the dry creek bed.  Or they can add water for some fun mud play! The new designated bike track will encourage co-operative play while challenging the children to manoeuvre around obstacles and keep others safe from the traffic as they ride.


Another very cool new feature is of the H2o kind, but you’ll really have to use your imagination to see it.  Once it does reveal itself you’ll see it come to life before your eyes.  The introduction of this water element gives the children a space to cool off on hot summer days without the risk of pooling water.  And it’s been positioned close to the garden beds so we don’t waste any of the spray. We still have a special garden for the children to plant and grow herbs, vegetables and flowers so they can continue this tactile, nurturing experience.


It seems our educators are going to have just as much fun as the children in the new playground as they plan to incorporate the various zones in their program, taking the children out into nature and the fresh air as much as possible.


Our children are already out enjoying the yard but there’s still some work to be done including bespoke timber features with artwork depicting indigenous cultures from around the world.  So keep an eye on this project as it evolves.


We’re very proud of the planning and development of the new playground and look forward to seeing your children investigate, discover and learn while they play. We know there will be lots of new experiences, giggles and special moments over the coming years.  

Important Health Notice

To keep our children and Educators safe during the COVID-19 pandemic our centre is undertaking additional hygiene precautions to ensure a healthy and safe environment. If you have a booking enquiry please phone us for information as we would love to help support you and your family.  Please do not visit the centre if you are feeling unwell.