Local Aboriginal Elder visits the children

Last Friday, Aboriginal Elder and Traditional Custodian Uncle Allen from the Minjungbal mob, came to visit the children as part of our Indigenous program.  He imparted knowledge about the didgeridoo, the traditional wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians of northern Australia.  The children learnt how the instruments where crafted mostly by termites that ate out the log.  That’s the reason each didgeridoo has its own unique sound.  The children were also in awe of the smoking ceremony which clears away bad feelings and has a lovely rich eucalyptus smell.


Uncle Allen was nominated to become an Elder by Aunty Joyce about eight years ago and was accepted by the Gold Coast/Northern Rivers community. His area covers the entire Gold Coast and his great, great, grandfather is Bilin Bilin, King of Logan.


Important Health Notice

To keep our children and Educators safe during the COVID-19 pandemic our centre is undertaking additional hygiene precautions to ensure a healthy and safe environment. If you have a booking enquiry please phone us for information as we would love to help support you and your family.  Please do not visit the centre if you are feeling unwell.